100 Rules To Live By I Love Number 21

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Sometimes no explanation is needed. I found this list on Tickld.com and felt it was worth making into a picture. I love almost every one of these rules of life to live by.

Washington State Drone Tour

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    I started out my big adventure to the NCAA tournament in Spokane. I thought I would take a minute and get some Drone footage of the Gonzaga campus and the athletic center on my way out of town. Enjoy the post and keep your eye out for more drone footage as I cross the state. Check in with…

Drone View Of Downtown Spokane WA Enjoy The View

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Getting drone view of downtown Spokane WA can be a challenge. So we (Kelly and I) were doing a photo shoot yesterday for iMortgage Spokane. Ok to be truthful, SHE was doing a photo shoot and I was moving furniture around their office for the clients to sit on. The important thing is that I was there spending quality time supporting…

Drone Crash At Bull Hill Guest Ranch First Hand View

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Have you ever wondered what a drone crash looks like up close? Take a look at this drone crash footage from Bull Hill Guest Ranch. So you can’t exactly expect to log the kind of hours I have done behind the controls of a drone and not expect a few mishaps… We have spent a great deal of time at…

Nine Mile Falls Fire Drone Footage

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Hi All!   I’ve decided to start doing a regular series of posts of some of the great footage I am getting with my drone. I am not one of those drone pilots that will fly my drone into a flock of endangered birds or buzz people just to be funny. I take the responsibility of drone ownership and proper…

Every Day Comes With The Day After

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The Day After   So I’ve taken to reading a really cool little “night stand” book. It’s called “Really important stuff my kids have taught me” The fun part is reading the little one liners and interpreting them into my everyday life. Today’s quote is “Every day comes with a day after”. How true is that? Think about it. Some…

The First Of Many….Bull Hill Guest Ranch

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Many of you will already know but we have a relationship with the wonderful Guglielmino family of Bull Hill Guest Ranch. This is the first of many posts you will see about Bull Hill as we have been to the ranch many times. Most of the time it is to work because there is a good percentage of the pictures and videos you see on…

New Perspective

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In a lot of respects 2014 was a tough year. I am never one to dwell on the past. Yesterday is gone, today is here and tomorrow is yet to come. With that in mind I have gained a new prospective on our future. There are many exciting things to come this year. I strongly feel my life has taken…

Our Vacuum Sucks

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Many of my posts you will find will be the inherent difference in which my wife and I see things. This indeed is such a post.   The set up: My wife decided to clean the pantry today. This by itself will be a whole post dedicated to me (the saver) and her (the thrower away-er). Suffice to say that…

Pigs Can Be A Pain

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So many of you know that we have raised many different types of animals. From goats to pigs, chickens to donkeys. Each animal has it’s own set of unique do’s and don’ts. For example. Don’t try to get too close to the male donkey when he is eating and NEVER approach him from the rear unless you want a “sweet…