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Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about me.

I was born in Southern California and while I lived there I embraced the lifestyle because I knew no different.  At around age 12, after a brutal tragedy in our neighborhood, my parents sent my brother and I to Washington to live with our grandparents until they could get us permanently relocated in Eastern Washington.  I was devastated being forced to leave my beach loving, skateboarding city slicker lifestyle and thrown into what I considered a backwoods middle of know where hick community.  Seriously, how the hell was I supposed to ride my skateboard on dirt roads.  Ride a bus to school?… please just kill me now.

Well, for the past 38 years I have called the Pacific Northwest my home.  I have had a few occasions to travel back to Southern California and I can honestly say the only thing I really miss is the beautiful beaches.  I am a country girl through and through.  I love the beauty of our mountains and lakes, the changing seasons, always being able to breath fresh air,  being able to raise all kinds of critters, sleeping outdoors, smaller rural communities, and when I allow it a much slower and relaxed way of life.

I am a wife, mom and a grandmama.  I raised three handsome and brilliant son’s who are grown with wives of there own.  I was blessed to meet a wonderful man I now call my husband at a time I was just realizing my nest was going to be empty.  Our marriage blessed me with my true soul-mate and three more children to help him raise.   I am a jeans & t-shirt kinda lady who is most comfortable in my cowboy boots.  I typically refuse to wear makeup, but never go anywhere without my sunscreen and Burt’s Bees lip conditioner.  I am soft spoken by nature, but can swear like a sailor when I am passionate about something (good or bad).  Quick wit and sarcasm make me smile.  I do indeed talk to my animals.  I sleep outdoors 3/4 of the year.  My husband and I embrace our outdoor lifestyle as much as we possibly can.

My Take On Life is just that…  My take on how I see my life unfolding and the stuff going on around me.  I share short stories on how I see things, places I love, cool stuff I find.  Sometimes, I will share stories about being a parent, or bonus parent.    I will share my photography with you and I will share my life with you.  I am not a technical writer, I write like I talk and for the most part I simply say it how I see it.  Welcome to My Take On Life…

Kelly Tareski

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