The Simple Truth

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Sometimes this simplest things will make me take a quick stock of where I am and where I want to be. I randomly clicked on an email link this afternoon and got a very welcome message. It was quite frankly where I am today. Especially today when life took a great turn. I believe the following statement to be true….

The First Real Snow Of 2015

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  Some of the stuff I will write about will be…Well…mundane. Some of you may find it fun. Like this post for example. You see there is some things that make living in the country more inherently difficult than living in town. Lets use a heavy snowfall as an example. Well, since it has always been a way of life…

Introducing The DeWalt Milk Frother

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You will soon get a feel for how I like to write. I tend to get a bit real and try to be humorous in most things in my life. So with that being said, you may find it enjoyable to read my posts. Sometimes my posts will be long and sometimes (most of the time) they will be short…

Monte’s First Post

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  This is my first post is just to introduce myself.   Hello I’m Monte 😉     Yours Truly Monte Tareski

Condron Homes Raise The Roof!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                              Condron Homes, LLC Wednesday, February 22, 2012                               802 W. Rosewood                                                                                     Spokane, WA 99208                                                                                     (509) 325-4865                                                                            LOCAL ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ HOME MAKING PROGRESS WHAT:      LOCAL HOME CONSTRUCTED WITH 100% AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS IS RAISING THE ROOF WHERE:   EAGLE RIDGE NEIGHBORHOOD WHEN:      FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 2012 AT 7:30AM Construction hits stride with the ‘raising…