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Best Time to Visit Spokane

As avid explorers of Spokane, we’ve found that the city truly shines during the spring and fall. The mild weather in these seasons is perfect for enjoying all that Spokane has to offer, from the blooming landscapes in spring to the vibrant fall colors. Summer brings warmth and a bustling vibe, while winter offers a snowy charm, especially for those who love winter sports.

Things to Do in Spokane

Explore Riverfront Park

One of our first recommendations is visiting the iconic Riverfront Park. It's a hub of activity and scenery that offers something for everyone, including the stunning Spokane Falls.

Visit the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

For a dose of culture, we always suggest the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. It's a fascinating dive into regional history, art, and Indigenous cultures.

Places to Visit in Spokane

Manito Park

Manito Park is a must-see with its impeccable gardens and green spaces. Perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.

The Historic Davenport Hotel

Even if you’re not staying here, the Historic Davenport Hotel is worth a visit for its stunning architecture and historic charm.

Local Cuisine in Spokane

Spokane’s culinary scene is a mix of old and new. Don’t miss out on Dick’s Hamburgers for a nostalgic bite. For a more contemporary experience, the farm-to-table restaurants throughout the city offer fresh and flavorful dishes that highlight local produce.

Outdoor Activities in Spokane

Our love for Spokane is especially tied to its outdoor activities. The Centennial Trail and Riverside State Park are prime spots for hiking and biking, offering miles of scenic paths. During winter, Mount Spokane welcomes skiers and snowboarders with open arms.

Accommodation Options in Spokane

From the luxurious Davenport to cozy bed and breakfasts, Spokane has accommodations to fit every preference and budget. We’ve enjoyed stays at boutique hotels downtown for their proximity to the city’s vibrant nightlife and eateries.

Transportation in Spokane

Getting around Spokane is a breeze. While we enjoy walking or biking around the downtown area, the city’s public transit system, STA, provides convenient access to broader areas, and ride-sharing options are readily available.

Shopping in Spokane

For shopping enthusiasts, Spokane offers a variety of options, from the Spokane Valley Mall to unique boutiques and shops in the Garland District. Our personal favorite is exploring the local artisans and craftspeople at various markets throughout the city.

Events and Festivals in Spokane

Spokane’s calendar is packed with events and festivals year-round. Bloomsday and Hoopfest are massive draws for both locals and visitors, encapsulating the community spirit of Spokane. The Lilac Festival is another highlight, celebrating the city’s lilac heritage.

Day Trips from Spokane

  • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: Just a short drive from Spokane, Coeur d’Alene offers stunning lake views, charming shops, and outdoor activities.
  • Palouse Falls State Park: For a day amidst nature, the dramatic landscapes of Palouse Falls are unbeatable. It’s a photographer’s paradise and a great spot for a picnic.
  • Wallace, Idaho: Steeped in mining history, Wallace offers a glimpse into the past with its museums and historic sites, alongside lovely hiking trails.

Our journey through Spokane has been a series of delightful discoveries, from its lush parks and rich history to the vibrant culinary scene and friendly community. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Spokane has a way of capturing hearts with its unique charm and endless opportunities for adventure. So, take a leaf out of our book, explore the city’s treasures, and create your own take on life in Spokane.

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