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DIY Projects: A Journey of Creativity and Self-reliance


Welcome to My Take On Life, where we dive into a variety of topics, from the simplicity and satisfaction of DIY projects like building a backyard chicken coop, to the exploration of the vibrant local scene in Spokane, Washington. Through personal insights and shared experiences, we aim to offer an engaging and informative perspective on life's diverse aspects.

DIY Projects: A Journey of Creativity and Self-reliance

Building a Chicken Coop

One of our most memorable projects has been constructing a chicken coop from scratch. The process taught us not only about the practical aspects of carpentry and animal care but also about the value of patience and the joy of seeing a project come to life. This undertaking is a testament to how DIY projects can enhance your surroundings while instilling a deep sense of accomplishment.

Embracing Challenges and Solutions

Throughout the construction, we encountered several challenges, from selecting the right materials to designing a space that was both functional and safe for the chickens. By researching extensively and experimenting with different approaches, we found innovative solutions that made our coop stand out. Sharing these experiences, we hope to inspire others to tackle their DIY dreams, one step at a time.

Exploring Spokane: Celebrating Local Gems

My Take On Life extends beyond the confines of our backyard to the streets of Spokane, where we've discovered and highlighted local businesses and iconic spots that contribute to the city's unique character.

Fringe & Fray: A Boutique Exploration

Our visit to Fringe & Fray revealed a world of artistic expression and creativity. This boutique, with its curated collection of unique pieces, embodies the vibrant culture of Spokane. Our feature aimed to not only promote this local treasure but to also delve into the stories behind the art and the artists, connecting our readers with the heart and soul of our community.

Dick's Hamburgers: A Taste of Spokane's History

Another highlight has been our exploration of Dick's Hamburgers, a landmark that captures the essence of Spokane's culinary scene. This fast-food joint, with its rich history and nostalgic vibe, serves as a reminder of the city's evolution and the enduring appeal of simple, delicious food. Through our eyes, readers get a taste of Spokane's past and present, celebrating the small but significant experiences that shape our community.

Personal Reflections: Insights Into Our Lives

Raising Chickens: Lessons Learned

Our journey into raising chickens has been filled with learning curves and unexpected delights. Beyond providing fresh eggs, these feathered friends have taught us about responsibility, care, and the rhythms of nature. Sharing these insights, we aim to demystify the process for others considering a similar path, emphasizing the rewards that come with patience and dedication.

Evolution of Digital Photography

In tracking the evolution of digital photography, we've explored how this technology has transformed the way we capture and share our experiences. From the first awkward selfies to the stunning landscapes that fill our feeds, digital photography has enabled us to document our adventures, big and small. Through our lens, we offer perspectives on how these images tell our stories and connect us in ways previously unimaginable.


At My Take On Life, we believe in the power of sharing stories and experiences. Whether it's through the detailed steps of building a chicken coop, the exploration of Spokane's local businesses, or the personal insights gained from hobbies and technology, our goal is to provide content that informs, inspires, and connects. Life is a tapestry of diverse threads, and through our platform, we hope to add color and texture to that vibrant fabric.


What's your take on life?

My take on life is a celebration of the small, hands-on experiences and the rich tapestry of community and creativity that surround us. It's about finding joy in the DIY projects that challenge and fulfill us, like building a chicken coop from scratch, which represents not just a task, but a journey into self-reliance and creativity. It's about delving into the local scene, discovering the essence of places like Spokane, Washington, and sharing those gems. Life, from my perspective, is an ongoing series of adventures and stories, a canvas we continuously paint with our experiences, both big and small.

What does take life mean?

To "take life" can mean to approach life in a specific way, embracing experiences with a particular attitude or philosophy. It can imply seizing opportunities, making the most out of every moment, and engaging fully with the world around us. However, it's essential to recognize the distinction when this phrase is used in different contexts, as it can also refer to the act of causing death, which is vastly different from the inspirational perspective we advocate.

What does take on a life of its own mean?

When something "takes on a life of its own," it evolves beyond the initial concept or creation, growing and changing in unexpected ways. It's much like our journey with My Take On Life; what began as personal explorations and projects developed into a platform that resonates and connects with a broader audience. This phrase captures the essence of creativity and unpredictability, how ideas can flourish and extend far beyond their origins.

What does it mean to take someone's life?

Taking someone's life refers to causing the death of another individual. It's a grave and significant action, carrying a weight of ethical, moral, and legal implications. Within the context of our discussions on My Take On Life, we strive to explore life's abundance and the positive impacts we can make. It's crucial to distinguish between the metaphorical appreciation of life's moments and the literal meanings that encompass the value and respect for all living beings.

How does DIY enhance self-reliance?

Engaging in DIY projects is a powerful way to cultivate self-reliance. Each project, like our experience building a chicken coop, teaches valuable skills and problem-solving. It's not just about the ability to create or repair; it's about developing the confidence to tackle challenges and rely on oneself to find solutions. This mentality, fostered through practical projects, translates into a broader approach to life, encouraging a proactive and capable outlook.

Why explore local scenes?

Exploring local scenes is crucial for fostering community connection and understanding the unique fabric of a place. In Spokane, for example, delving into local businesses and iconic spots has revealed stories and characters that define the city's spirit. This exploration nurtures a sense of belonging and appreciation for the diversity and richness of local cultures. It also supports local economies and promotes sustainability by engaging with and valuing what's close to home.

What can raising chickens teach us about life?

Raising chickens, as we've discovered, offers unexpected lessons on life. Beyond the practical aspects of care and responsibility, it's a window into the natural world's rhythms and the simple joys it can bring. These feathered friends teach us about the cycle of life, the importance of nurturing, and the rewards of patience and dedication. It's a microcosm of life's broader lessons, showing us the value of attention, care, and the beauty found in everyday moments.


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