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Cost of Living in Spokane

Introduction to Country Living Spokane

Welcome to My Take On Life, where we dive into the myriad aspects that make Spokane, Washington, a fascinating place to call home. From the sprawling countryside to the vibrant local businesses that dot our community, Country Living Spokane offers a unique blend of tranquility and excitement. Whether you're building your very own chicken coop or exploring the local art scene at places like Fringe & Fray, there's a never-ending list of adventures waiting right in your backyard.

Cost of Living in Spokane

One aspect that draws people to Country Living Spokane is the affordability. The cost of living here is notably lower than the state average, making it an attractive place for many. Housing, whether you're buying or renting, tends to be more accessible here, with prices that encourage first-time homeowners to plant their roots. But it's not just about the numbers; it's about the quality of life. Affordable living means more opportunities to enjoy what Spokane has to offer, from dining out at iconic spots like Dick's Hamburgers to investing in hobbies like digital photography or chicken-raising.

Supporting Local Businesses

Exploring and supporting local businesses is a cornerstone of Country Living Spokane. By spotlighting places like Fringe & Fray, we not only celebrate the unique offerings of Spokane but also foster a sense of community and mutual support. These businesses, with their unique and artistic pieces, contribute to the tapestry of Spokane, making it a richer place to live.

Additionally, when you support local, you're investing in your community. Whether it's grabbing a bite at a local eatery or shopping at boutique stores, every little bit helps in creating a vibrant, thriving community.

DIY Projects and Country Living

Building a Chicken Coop

One of the joys of country living is the ability to embark on various DIY projects, like building a chicken coop. This particular project is more than just a way to secure fresh eggs; it's about connecting with the land and embracing a more self-sufficient lifestyle. In our article detailing the steps to build a chicken coop, we shared not just the technical details but also the rewarding experience that comes with completing such a project.


Gardening is another activity that epitomizes the essence of Country Living Spokane. There's something genuinely fulfilling about growing your food or beautifying your surroundings with flowers and plants. It connects you to the earth and seasons in a way that's increasingly rare in urban settings.

Engaging in Community Events

Country Living Spokane wouldn't be complete without the myriad of community events that bring everyone together. From farmers' markets to local festivals, these events are the heartbeat of Spokane. They offer a chance to celebrate the seasons, showcase local talents, and connect with neighbors.

Participating in these events deepens our connection to Spokane, enriching our sense of belonging. It's here, among the bustle of community gatherings, where the true spirit of Spokane shines brightest.

Outdoor Adventures Abound

The natural beauty surrounding Spokane is a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts. From leisurely hikes in the nearby state parks to more adrenaline-fueled activities like mountain biking, the great outdoors is the perfect backdrop to our adventurous spirits.

Country Living Spokane means having the freedom to explore the wilderness at your doorstep. It's about experiencing the seasons, each with its unique beauty and challenges. Whether it's snowshoeing in winter or kayaking in summer, the connection with nature is a priceless aspect of life here.

The Cultural Richness of Spokane

Country Living Spokane also offers a vibrant cultural scene, with art galleries, theaters, and music venues providing a rich tapestry of experiences. The local art scene, in particular, is a reflection of Spokane's diversity and creativity.

Additionally, Spokane's history is alive and well, appreciated through landmark buildings and historical tours that connect us to the past while leading us confidently into the future.

Educational Opportunities

Living in Spokane means access to a range of educational opportunities, from top-rated schools to various community workshops and classes that cater to all ages and interests. Whether it's a photography class that hones your skills or a gardening workshop that introduces you to the joys of growing your food, lifelong learning is an integral part of Country Living Spokane.


Country Living Spokane is a tapestry of experiences, from enjoying the simple pleasures of a DIY project to engaging with a tight-knit community at local events. It's a place where the pace of life slows down just enough for you to appreciate the beauty around you, from the natural landscapes to the cultural richness. At My Take On Life, we're proud to share our adventures and insights into what makes Spokane such a special place to live. Whether you're considering making Spokane your home, or you're simply looking for ways to deepen your connection with this beautiful region, we're here to offer a window into the joys of country living.

Engaging in Community Events

Is Spokane overpriced?

Not at all. From our experiences and the data we've gathered, Spokane offers an appealing affordability compared to many places, especially within Washington state. The cost of living in Spokane sits below the state average, which is quite a relief for many residents and newcomers. Housing, groceries, and utilities are just some areas where you'll find your dollar stretches further here. This affordability doesn't mean sacrificing quality of life; rather, it opens up more opportunities to enjoy what Spokane has to offer, from dining out to investing in hobbies. It's a balance that we've found to be just right - not too expensive, but also rich in opportunities and experiences.

Is Spokane urban or rural?

Spokane is a wonderful blend of both urban and rural elements. The city itself showcases a vibrant downtown area, rich with cultural venues, shops, and restaurants, capturing an urban feel. Yet, just outside the city limits, you're embraced by the beautiful rural landscapes that offer tranquility and a slower pace of life. This unique mix provides residents with the best of both worlds - the convenience and excitement of urban living, coupled with the peacefulness and connection to nature that rural life brings. It's this combination that we believe makes Spokane special and appealing to a wide range of people.

Is Spokane an up and coming city?

Absolutely, Spokane is definitely on the rise. The city is experiencing a sort of renaissance, with growth in arts, culture, and local businesses. New initiatives are fostering a vibrant community spirit and making Spokane a more attractive place to live. While it maintains its small-town feel, the influx of new ideas and people is contributing to its dynamism and growth. It's exciting to be part of Spokane's journey as it becomes an increasingly sought-after destination for those seeking a balanced, enriching lifestyle.

Where does Spokane rank on Places to Live?

Spokane consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in Washington and even across the United States. Various rankings highlight its affordability, quality of life, and the natural beauty that surrounds the city. It's often praised for its community feel, outdoor recreational opportunities, and its growing economy. While the exact ranking can vary depending on the criteria, Spokane is generally regarded highly for its livability, especially when compared to other cities with similar amenities and opportunities. It's these attributes that we believe make Spokane not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

How does living in Spokane enhance quality of life?

Living in Spokane has a way of enriching your life that's hard to quantify but easy to feel. The blend of urban amenities and rural beauty provides a backdrop for a well-rounded existence. Here, you can engage in outdoor adventures like hiking and biking in the warmer months, and snowshoeing or skiing in the winter - all within a short drive from your front door. The community is vibrant and welcoming, offering endless opportunities to engage in cultural, educational, and recreational activities. Plus, the affordability of Spokane allows for a lifestyle that might be out of reach in more expensive regions, from owning a home to exploring new hobbies. In our experience, Spokane truly offers a quality of life that caters to a diverse set of preferences and stages of life.

What opportunities does Spokane provide for community engagement?

Spokane is a community that thrives on engagement and connection. The city is rich with events and activities that bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit. From farmers' markets and local festivals to community gardens and volunteer opportunities, there are countless ways to get involved. Participating in these activities not only enriches your own life but also strengthens the fabric of the community as a whole. The warmth and inclusivity of Spokane make it easy to find your niche or passion and connect with like-minded individuals. It's a place where you can truly feel part of a community that cares.

How can residents support local businesses in Spokane?

Supporting local businesses in Spokane is both easy and rewarding. One of the best ways to start is by choosing to shop at local stores, boutiques, and markets, which helps keep money within the community. Dining at local restaurants and cafes rather than chains offers not only a taste of Spokane's culinary scene but also supports local entrepreneurs. Additionally, promoting Spokane businesses through word of mouth and on social media can attract more customers and help these businesses thrive. Attending local events, from art shows to musical performances, is another great way to support the vibrant culture of Spokane. Every dollar spent locally is an investment in the community's future and helps maintain the unique character of Spokane.


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