Won’t you be my neighbor? A guest blog post by Chelsea Dannen

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

New friends are awesome. When I was traipsing around the globe, it was easy to make new friends. The lady who recommended the prawns at a café in London, the man who shared a martini and his life story at a café in Paris, the college vagabonds singing ‘California Girls’ in a pub in Ireland… Sadly, those moments rarely happen in good ol’ Spokane – until now.

On Friday night, South Perry Pizza was hoppin’. I joined a friend who had been there for a bit, and we decided to stay and have some delicious pizza. However, there was no table to be had. I glanced next to us at the couple who had just sat down for a romantic evening and greeted them with a ‘Hey! How’s it going?’ Steve and Angie immediately asked if we had a table and proceeded to insist we join them for dinner.


For the next hour, I learned that Angie is participating in the Valley Girl triathlon this summer, Steve is a chiropractor in Liberty Lake, and they have a daughter named Maile (pronounced ‘Molly’). We laughed, drank, ate – they even shared their veggie pizza… yum!

I have not so greatly enjoyed a spontaneous moment in too long. For me, the joy of dining out isn’t just the food – it’s the company. How often do you invite someone to sit with you for a drink? Offer the extra seats at your table? Spokane is our very own city… Let’s make friends with our neighbors.

Chelsea Dannen is an EWU Graduate who sees the beauty in Spokane. She currently works at the Spokane Better Business Bureau and enjoys writing about her Spokane adventures in her spare time.

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