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I want to introduce you to my friend Emily.  She is a stay at home mommy to three beautiful little girls, a supportive wife to her husband who is serving in the military, a wonderful artisan and entrepreneur , and quite frankly just a breath of fresh air.

The reason I wanted to introduce her to you, is because she is doing something very fun on her blog.  She is cooking her way through  the Pioneer Women Cooks.

Now in case you don’t know this, Ree also has a “little” blog called

The Pioneer Woman

This was the first blog I ever read.  Now, I have many that I follow but none as religiously as the Pioneer Woman.  There are so many different aspects of her blog: cooking, photography, life on the ranch, home & garden.  I really enjoy her writing style and sense of humor.  Those of you who know me, are well aware of my love for critters.  So, I must confess I am in love with Ree’s basset Charlie…

I had the opportunity to meet Ree in person last September.  As you can tell by the goofy smile on my face, I was just a little giddy with excitement.  Ree was so down to earth, just as she comes across in her blog.  I highly recommend you add The Pioneer Woman to your blogs, if you don’t already follow her.

Then please make sure you add my friend Emily’s blog and follow along with her as she cooks her way through The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook.


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