“What is The Extreme Team” by Mark Peterson

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The question comes up all the time….
“What is the Extreme Team?”

The Extreme Team is a group of individuals that work on projects, or dreams that the people cannot do for themselves because of  financial or physical reasons.

The Extreme Team started as a question
The Extreme Makeover Home edition was in Sandpoint many years ago and I asked Todd ,the builder, what happens to the extra materials. He asked “why?” I thought we could do something for somebody. The thought turned into action, and from there it grew even beyond us. 
The Extreme Team is now a movement of caring people that want to break from reality and be part of some controlled insanity..

It brings clarity, emotion and at times…..a feeling that the good still exists…

I dont mean to be theatrical… or dramatic, big men, tough guys cry at our projects… lots of people in one small area making the impossible happen without thinking about what’s in it for them.

I am emotional about this…

it gives me pleasure, it gives me joy…

I recieve more from the hard work than I put in to it… 

IT energizes me to the point of exhaustion and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

The people who answer the phone go on to answer the call… “This is Mark with KXLY TV. The Extreme Team and I need you to be a hero”

…they usually say yes… and yes

they are heros helping others … 
my thanks for all who help .

Monte Tareski