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Trish has arrived…..
I say that with a bit of chagrin because we have known about this gem for quite some time. It has been a little over a year since my wife and I met Trish at her little Corner Cottage in the Garland District. In that short amount of time we have come to love this woman and her mother. It is no wonder, as SHE is the embodiment of everything Kelly and I love about Spokane. She juggles a retail store (now located in the Hillyard district) a family and is a tireless promoter of all things small business in Spokane. 
Her latest project, which she managed to pull of in a short six weeks, was to take on the “Girls Day Out” event for the entire Spokane Area. She took it from a small event in the Hillyard area to a seven district mega event for the whole Spokane market. From the Spokane Valley to the South Perry district. From Hillyard to Downtown Spokane. There was PINK in dozens and dozens of merchant windows and hundreds of customers investing in their community. All thanks to the unending and often thankless work that Trish, her mother Christina and Ross put into the event. 
My hat’s off to her and her entourage for all the blood sweat and tears that went into this year’s event. You ROCK girl! 

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