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Triple play Indoor Water Park
 Puzzled with what to do this coming weekend? Get it? Puzzled and the picture is a puzzle? Ha….I crack myself up. But really, we have been going to Triple play for the last four years. Every January and February they run play and stay specials to make a fun get away weekend for the family. This year was no different, however this time we were invited by Mark Peterson to go hang with him and his boys. Now I could do a very looooooong post about that all by it’s self but I will leave that for another time. 
I have been told recently that my posts have been a bit long, so after going back and reading some of them I decided that I will shorten this one up a bit. I’m gonna give you some reasons to go to Raptor Reef and The Holiday Inn.
  • It’s fun
  • They have water slides
  • Kids have fun
  • You can take your dogs (they don’t really like them in the pool though)
  • They have bowling
  • They have laser tag
  • They have Mini-Golf
  • Great Breakfasts
  • Token game room where kids can win stupid throw away trinkets. (can you tell that was a pet peeve?)
  • Good parking
  • Clean Rooms
  • There is a Domino’s Pizza across the street (my personal favorite after a long day of hangin’ in the pool)

There is a lot more to do there….Just check out their web site. We enjoy our yearly jaunt to the “other side” It is always a relaxing weekend and a great time for the kids. This year though with Mark there…..not so sure about the relaxing part. Just ribbin’ ya Mark. It was fun!

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