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So, it occurred to me today that I haven’t done a blog post for one of my most favorite people on the planet……Emily Lovell-Piper the owner and tu-tu maker of Tiny Belles Boutique. Where does one start with Emily…..hmmmm…..lemmie think about that for a minute. How about this? She is a stay at home mom, an Etsy-ian, an amateur photographer, a wanna-be chef, a friend, an entrepreneur and….lets just say an all around cool chick that is the embodiment of all things American. Her husband is in the service (one more reason to support her). I have nothing but respect for Emily and her husband. Every post I do on facebook that even hints about family values, you can be sure that she is there with a “like” or a comment. So as she is reading this post I would bet dollars for doughnuts that she is blushing and saying “Really Monte?”….. That is what is so endearing about her. Her modesty.

Alrighty…enough of the “Blush” factor……on to the meat of her entrepreneurial ability, Emily’s tu-tus. To put it in a nut shell. They ROCK! We have many of her tu-tus in our store at GardenStone in Airway Heights. If you like on-line shopping you can find her wonderful creations on her Etsy Store. There is not a whole lot to expand on here as the pictures really do most of the talking for me. At this point you may be wondering to yourself….”Why in the heck is a guy who builds rock retaining walls doing blogging about tu-tu’s?”  Well, I am all about telling a story about people regardless of what they do, she made tu-tu’s for our dogs…….aaaannnnndddd when she gets my John Deere tu-tu done, I will the envy of the construction site.

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