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Have you ever visited a place and then felt you had to shout it out to the world. Without a doubt Wishing Star is just such a place…..

Not to be confused with Make a Wish foundation which is a national organization. The Wishing Star is based in Spokane and Serves the Greater Inland Northwest. I say that with tongue and cheek because what they really do is serve the CHILDREN of the region. Kids right here that have a life threatening illness.

You have probably seen on the Television the wishes granted on a large scale. Well these un-sung hero’s do the same thing right here in our town for our kids. They are in the process right now of building a princess playhouse for a young girl right here in Spokane.

I spent an hour or so talking with Paula and Sarah at their office. I have to say that both of these women are passionate about what they do and it shows. I was greeted with hugs and a very enthusiastic depiction of their mission (amongst other things). What this organization does with what little they have is just short of a miracle.

If you know a family with a child between the ages of 3-21 please contact them and get the process rolling. The picture here is that of Paula and Sarah in front of just a few of the many kids right here in our region that have been benefactors of their grace. As with any foundation of this type they are always looking for volunteers and donations.

They have a fantastic benefit coming up called Taste Spokane and have the event posted on their facebook page. I am doing my little part by sending you this message…and of course I am gonna shout it out to you!

Wishing Star……..Wishing Star…….Wishing Star

Wishing Star has a website
Wishing Star has a facebook page
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