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Howdie. Welcome to the first blog post of the new year. What a fitting way to bring in the New Year with a post about an Antique Store. Not just any Antique Store mind you, but The Vintage Rabbit. Kelly and I were killin’ a little time before the festivities down town for First Night and decided to take a slight detour down Monroe street just north of Indiana. I guess you could call it up Monroe from that point but I digress….. Did you know that there are quite a few shops down that street? We are avid “Junkers” and seize any opportunity to take a purposeful meander through an antique store. The Vintage Rabbit is a GREAT little store…..I say little but it almost takes up a half of a block. Jan Richart, heretofore known as “The Owner” and Kelly heretofore know as “The Customer” had a great time digging up some really cool pillow cases (if that is even possible), while I was wandering around in the “Man Cave” digging through some really cool old rusty tools (I know that is possible). Even though they were closing (it WAS New Years eve for Pete’s sake) they hung around and had a nice long chat with us about their store. “The Owner” (Jan) and “The Customer” (Kelly) also got into an extensive conversation about blogs and what benefit they have. I personally think they are a waste [chuckle]. Just Joshin’ ya. I enjoy doing this blog for all of you to read and quite honestly, love finding new stores to tell you about. If you like to go “a Junkin” then head on over to the North Monroe District and be sure to take a purposeful meander around The Vintage Rabbit…..aaaaand just for fun can you all please post a quick comment to this post to prove to “The Owner” (Jan) that people really do read blogs….(I think that would really make her smile)

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Happy New Year.

Our Goal Is a post a day for 2011 so please check back regularly.


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