The unexpected power of blogging

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I get asked all the time…..

Why do you like to blog?
Well the way I see it, if I can dedicate myself to one blog post a day about others that I will be able to do my little part to support the local Spokane economy. Not to mention that there are so many cool businesses here in our great little town that so many of us don’t know about.
So I decided last December to commit myself to a blog post a day for at least one year. 

Yeah….that would be 365 blog posts in a year.

To date I am right on target for 2011. I only missed one day and that was Saturday for the Bloggers day of Silence for Japan. But for some reason I had posted two in one day in January, so I am still on target.

But here is the unexpected power of blogging that I have discovered.

Within a few days of posting about a local business we are finding our posts making front page of Google searches for that business. In some cases it is page two or three, but when you take into consideration the companies we are blogging about that is still a very respectable number. 
I stumbled across this little tid bit of good news when I did a Google Search for Condron Homes….A company we did a post for recently for Jaden’s Journey. There we were, little ole’ us on the bottom of page one for Condron Homes. I’m not sure if you know this or not but Condron Homes has had a few things written about them……
This got me to wonderin’ now who else had we helped out in their Google Ranking….hmmmmm……So I did a Google Search for Launchpad INW……Low and behold top of page two…..Impressive considering what Internet marketing they do…..
I’m not sure why I decided to do a post about this tonight aside from the fact that I wanted to share what I have learned with you all. The unexpected power of blogging has given me something new to bring to the table because I now feel that Google has noticed us…..

Monte Tareski