The Sunday Jitters By Mark Peterson

extreme team KXLY Mark Peterson monte tareski

So the jitters have set in on this Sunday…yea it could be the two quad mochas, but that was hours ago…

It really comes down to what will happen this week. 
The Extreme Team is a body of people who really get moving but I have asked many to drop what they are doing and join in…sooo many calls , so many have said yes!  
Did i make all the calls? 
What will have to be hail mary’d on Monday? 
So tonight I am nervous , I have made promises to a great family that things would get done and now I hope they all will. 
They…. the things, always get done but man this was a fast turn around. I have had many God moments on Shane’s Project, when things happen and you know its because it was suppose to be that way…so I will get some sleep, breathe deep and hope for a smooth start on Monday. 
Have a great night!

Mark Peterson

Monte Tareski