The Ramblings Of Mark Peterson: The Extreme Team Rides Again

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This is a synopsis of the conversation I had with Mark Tonight. You need to read it…… It may take a couple of reads but it is soooo worth it. He wanted me to edit it, but I felt there was so much more to the story if you really read it and feel what he is saying without saying it.

Next weeks project was put together with about 10 seconds thought and two phone calls. Months ago an e-mail came to KXLY talking about a young man who was a victim of a violent crime..we had an Extreme Team about to get underway and he was going to be released before we could get to the house so they said thank you and started work. Fast forward two months later… a young man trying get home…insurance about to run out…family trying to get things done to much and to little time…whats the name Reilly…sounds familiar…Shane Reilly..yea I thought he was going home…not yet…more mentions…a fundraiser coming tomorrow…what do they need…a phone call and then a what I’m thinking… Deacon you up for a project? you have some time 10 days…yea your in cool…Monte…got an idea need your skills…got time? you do? great were doing it…Friday at 7pm..Knights of Columbus Uncle is speaking to HUNDREDS of loving freinds and family memebers…he gets to what the house needs…sorry sir, can I interupt you…yea you really want to here this…I get the mike after he asks me who I am and says heres Mark. I talk for 30 seconds…finally saying the Extreme is coming and were going to help next week…the place goes crazy…Rich says WOW I can just read his lips and when I come around Shane has tears ..I have tears hell half the place has tears… the moment rocked and also put whatever problems I had in perspective..this Kid..he’s 27 needs help and were going to do it…I just don’t know exactly how… two calls and a thumbs up from my boss… now the work starts… I drive home still choked up like I justy watched ole Yeller Again. thinking damn that was a lot of love in that room tonight.

Mark Peterson

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