The Ramblings Of Mark Peterson Part II

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Once again Mark tells about Shane Reilly and it is so fraught with passion that it’s a bit hard to follow. I decided to edit it a bit so it is easier to read. He gets that way when he is completely absorbed with a project that means so much to him. I wish you all could see his face when he tells this story……

I met with Rich , Julie and Shane Reilly Last Night (Tuesday) 

Its 4:45 and I’m early..have Joseph and Tillman with me…
Tillman asked what were doing and tell him we are here to talk with a family were going to help..he asked what he is going to be doing to help…I love this kid.

The van arrives and after about 15 minutes of getting Shane out of the van and getting him comfortable in the chair we go inside…moving around tools, framed walls and wires hanging out of the wall….
We get to the living room…
Shane asks Julie to move a chair its on his spot and he “parks” there so he is out of the way. 
He’s a big guy in a big Electric wheel chair. 
Rich, his dad is a big dog with a big heart and a proud man…he should be…..
Driving truck for URM 50 hours a week and working 30-40 hours a week on a house and spending time with Shane in St. Luke’s and you get the idea…he stretched to the limit.
I tell Rich we are here to help…we exist to help and to please let us… 
In a few minutes of talking he starts to relax, starts to talk about his plans..really his dreams for his son. I get it….we share, Julie is smiling..she gets some time with her husband….
Shane smiles as I talk LED lights and paint…he doesn’t care about paint he’s color blind he says….
Great then I get to pick the colors out…we all laugh… I see now they are excepting of our help…not a hand out but an assist to get their son home….
Rich is proud of his son and has pride…we here to help , everyone needs help now and then… this the Extreme Team helps me..and for this and for Shane and his families strength……
I am thankful…..

Mark Peterson

Monte Tareski

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