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 So another “out and about” took me to go find  Kelly….Hmmmm….Whatever could you mean, you may be thinking to yourself…..well let me tell ya. See, ever since I met my wife….you know….Kelly, she has been going to these “dates with Ray”. So my curiosity got the best of me one day and I decided to follow her (ok…really…I drove her) to meet this mysterious “Ray”. Well this is where the story begins. I walk in to pick her up and lowe and behold there she is with “Ray”…. Hmmmm she’s got her hands plugged into this ultra-violet thingy that, if I didn’t know better, was baking her skin to a bacon like consistancy. It wasn’t, but for me walking into a nail salon was like a cat being put into a bath tub. Some common
ground was needed QUICK

Well I found it, here’s my thing. It dosen’t matter what you do. It is all about how you do it. Ray and Beth own and run The Nailry on North Wall in Spokane. You couldn’t find a more down to earth husband and wife team in the Northwest (regardless of their profession). Ray and Beth both greeted me (as I would suspect they would any guy coming in to pick up his wife) with a smile and a warm how are you doing today, that truely felt genuine. The more I got to talking with Ray, the more I found out that we have some very important things in common. They support local charities with various drives and donation campaigns. They have antiques for sale when you walk in the door and he made me laugh. (I’m pritty sure I made him laugh too…see….I set off a car alarm in the parking lot….that’s a story for a different time though…).

So Guys…here goes…If your wife tells you “honey I’m going out to get my nails done” you can say with some sense of authority….”hey you should check out Ray and Beth at the Nailry” and (as she is picking up her jaw off the floor) she may just say thanks. For you ladies, my wife tells me that Ray is “The Best” soooo….uhhhh…. I’ll take her word for it on that. Regardless it is the people that make the business. Ray is usually booked solid so you may want to jump on it right away. Be sure to tell um that Monte sent you and watch him as he picks his jaw up off the floor.  I’m thinking I need to review a tractor store or Big R next…yea thats it…Somewhere that sells Carhart. Meow…….
You can visit The Nailry at
5588 N Wall St # A, Spokane, WA
(509) 484-8606 ()
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