“The Isaac Foundation” A guest blog from Kalae Chock

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I’m pretty sure if I ever found my kid dead, I’d die of a broken heart.  The thought makes my stomach drop.  It makes me sick.  But, no matter how much I dislike that thought, that’s all it is… a thought.  For Reed and Holly Lytle losing a child is their reality.

Reed found their four year old son, Isaac, dead in his bed as he went to kiss his little boy good-bye one morning before he left for work.  Holly remembers a stranger, a grown man, a firefighter crying as he kneeled down beside her and told her that he and his crew couldn’t save her son, that he was gone.  The diagnosis: a heart defect.  Their little boy died in his sleep.

Like I say, no parent wants to imagine it.  Most who do, assume they’d die right along with their child, unable to live, unable to go on.  But Reed and Holly, did the exact opposite.  They went to work, they went to fight, they went to honor their son’s life by creating a non-profit benefitting children just like Isaac, children with autism.

Less than a year after their son passed, the Lytles created “The Isaac Foundation”, a non-profit that awards autism treatment to local kids.  The foundation statistics on their website show the foundation continues to grow, continues to serve the children and families who need them, just four years since it’s inception.  It’s amazing.

The Lytles are an inspiration.  I feel privileged to have met them as a reporter covering their son’s story.  I feel privileged to have emceed their “Isaac Foundation Auction” over the last two years.  Just knowing them is an honor.  Really.  They inspire me to look at the big picture, to understand that God’s plan isn’t always our plan.  We move on, we learn, we make what we will of it.  In this case, the Lytle’s made “The Isaac Foundation”.

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