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I held my first workshop as an instructor for the Community Colleges of Spokane today. I have to say that I was a tad bid worried about how I was going to fill 3 hours with information that was basically stored in my own internal hard drive. Let’s just say it was really easy…..I could have gone another 10 and not even got going. What a fun way to share and spend an afternoon. A big thank you to the staff at the Institute for their wonderful welcome and introduction to their technology. Which I am afraid to say….is far superior to ours (borrowed that from the movie Independence Day)

I would give my eye teeth for one of their “Smart” boards…That was the coolest thing on the planet. I felt like I was teaching from the set of CSI or something. But I digress. It was a great first workshop. We are in the process of scheduling the next five workshops. I will be sure to keep you posted. 

Here is a really short video of the room….Really it was a demonstration of YouTube to the students but hey it is a quick watch, and it just make you smile.


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