The Golden Rule of Customer Service: A guest Blog post by Chelsea Dannen

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The Golden Rule of Customer Service
By Chelsea Dannen

I do not like to be anonymous.

I am filled with joy and a sense of loyalty when I am welcomed into a business like family. I want to return the favor.

Howard, the chef at The Globe Bar & Grill on Division sees me. He greets his customers in person to fill their need for company and good food.

Dawn at Waffles Plus sees me. She welcomes me and my friends on Sunday mornings with a heartfelt ‘Welcome back from Whoreville’ (based on our just-rolled-out-of-bed appearance, NOT our Saturday night activities).

Isaiah and Park at Brooklyn Nights see me. They ask us about our work events we chatted about weeks beforehand.

Every time I enter Rancho Chico Mexican restaurant on Northwest Blvd, I am greeted with a hearty ‘Hola Chiquita!’ followed with a hug, monster margarita, and hot salsa (my favorite!). I refuse to ‘cheat’ on Rancho Chico because I know they treat me like family. Ellos me vistan.

Spokane houses the best of the best in customer service – if you are open and aware.

I encourage you to recognize your servers, your cashiers, your receptionists, and your mechanics for the hard work and extra effort they put into their job to make you feel special.

The golden rule of customer service: create a home where ALL family feels welcome. If you see them, they’ll see you.

Chelsea Dannen is an EWU Graduate who sees the beauty in Spokane. She currently works at the Spokane Better Business Bureau and enjoys writing about her Spokane adventures in her spare time.

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