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Awesome….completely Awesome…..Amy is Awesome…did I mention that she’s awesome?. Have you ever just walked in somewhere and felt you had to become a part of it. Set aside the fact that I love kids. Set aside the fact that Amy is a really nice person. Set aside that I love reviewing “People” and step into the realm of charity for children.

Step into The Clothing Perk! I spent a week driving around with three huge totes full of gently used [and I have to admit] some new clothing from my own children’s closets trying to find a way to get it to The Clothing Perk. My persistence paid off and, with that admittedly frustrating process, I made it my personal goal to spread the word about this wonderful organization to as many people as will listen.

Imagine for a minute that you are a child. A very tired, scared and hungry child. A child that has just seen his mother taken away in handcuffs. A child that has nothing but a pair of pants on and hasn’t eaten a proper meal in days. Imagine being brought to a stranger’s home with nothing but the clothes you have on, and told “you will be staying here for awhile”, and oh yea “were not sure when you will see your Mommy again”.

Welcome to Amy’s front door. She has seen this 25 times in her own time as a foster parent. She and her husband are one of many families around the Northwest that opens their home to almost 90 scared, tired and hungry children each month right here in Spokane. With four of her own children to raise, she continually shares what she has with others.

OK….Now imagine that you are that same child again. This time you are the one that gets to pick out your own set of pajamas, a new jacket, some new clothing to wear every day. Would you not feel a little better? A little more comfortable in your own skin because you have your OWN clothes? And maybe, just maybe they will let you take that new toy with you as well.

This is the idea behind The Clothing Perk. So, to take it a step further, Amy started The Clothing Perk in her own business in North Spokane. Foster children are given the opportunity to pick out their own pajamas, several outfits, some new socks and underwear. All of this, by the way, is donated.

This is where we come in! They need clothing! Gently used of all sorts. From infant to 12 years old is what they cater to. Bear in mind that they can also use some clothes for some larger kids as well, all the way up to 14-16. Amy also was wanting me to pass along that they are in need of “New” underwear and socks they can’t take any used items of that nature.

So let me ask you this. Have you cleaned out your kid’s closets lately? When we did, we found three gigantic totes full of clothes that were gently used and even some new items that they out grew before they even had a chance to wear them. So…Will you do me a huge favor this weekend? Take a few minutes and clean out the kids closet. Better yet get your kids involved and make it a learning experience. You would be amazed how motivated your own children will get when you tell them the story I just told you…..ours did.

Here is all the important information for this most noble cause.
The Clothing Perk is located inside The Spokane Jr. Gymnast Academy located at 233 East Lyons Ave in North Spokane
Amy’s Cell number (please be aware that this is her personal number)
The Gym number is
Times for drop off;
Monday thru Friday 3pm-6:30pm
Saturday by appointment

Amy also told me to tell you to just call her and she would try her best to work with your schedule.

When you go donate be sure to let Amy know that The Spokane Grapevine sent ya!

Information on becoming a foster parent.

Another huge favor if you don’t mind. If you are reading this from the link I posted on our facebook fan page PLEASE go back and share this story to your profile. These people are really doing the impossible with very little! Thank you all for helping spread the word!

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