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Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

Grapevine Discount Card by KXLY’s Aaron Luna

At the Corner Cottage in Hillyard, you can find pink porcelain pumps or painted tea pots. And if you bring the purple card you can also find some significant savings.
The card is the Spokane Grapevine Discount Card. The brain child of Monte Tareski, the $25 dollar discount card offers consumers a variety of discounts from local businesses across the region.
But it gets better. Local charities are selling the purple card, through local retailers, with 40 percent of the cost going directly to their programs.
That means for every card sold by Cancer Patient Care they get around $10. Melissa Halverson, the development director for Cancer Patient Care says, “We help with all those different financial areas even getting groceries or keeping the electricity on.”
While it may not seem like much, non-profits like Inland Northwest Baby say every bit helps. “For every card that is purchased we are going to be able to diaper and clothe two additional children than we are able to now,” says Julie Sheldon, executive director of Inland Northwest Baby.
Four weeks in and more than 100 businesses are on board with the card. There’s a list online at Tareski says they are even developing a mobile App that will make it easy for card holders to find participating businesses. “And it will be location based so where ever you’re at within a 10-20 block radius it will show all participating merchants in the network,” says Tareski.
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Monte & Kelly Tareski

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