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Ed Clark Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

A big huge thank you to Ed Clark for this great article!

Spokane Grapevine debuts discount card program— Local business owners Monte and Kelly Tareski of have long been involved with promoting small businesses and local charities in Spokane. They have a fan page on facebook that is over 11,000 strong and use their blogs and website to spread the word about all the wonderful things this region has to offer.

They have recently unveiled a new program called the Spokane Grapevine Discount Card Program, a program where non-Profits and charities sell a physical card (similar to a credit card) for $25. The card entitles the bearer to discounts from merchants that have signed up for the program. The discounts offered by the merchants are significant so the value of the card is an easy sell for the charitable organizations.

The program is three fold. Charities and non-profits make a significant margin on the sale of the card, local merchants get the much needed foot traffic in their door and the consumer gets significant discounts from participating merchants. Best of all it doesn’t cost merchants anything to sign up for the program. It is a free program for merchants with no strings attached. Each participating merchant gets a mini-web page on the Spokane Grapevine Discount Card Website which will be cross promoted across the extensive Spokane Grapevine Network. All the work is done by Monte and Kelly. All merchants need to do is sign up and wait for customers to walk in their door. Almost all of the money generated from this program stays right here in Spokane be it merchants or local charities.

The network of merchants is growing daily and includes participants like Round Table Pizza, Finders Keepers, Harmon Glass, Corner Cottage, and Something Else Deli to name just a few.

Monte and Kelly have written a blog post outlining all of the benefits of the program. You can read more by clicking on the Monte can also be reached at 509-999-7810.

Monte Tareski