Teaching Them To Work

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You may be tired of hearing about what we do to teach our kids about responsibility and how to work. But I will probably never get tired of telling you. More importantly I know I will never get tired of telling you about our fantastic children.

Yesterday I had the boys pull weeds at our store in Airway Heights. They didn’t really care for that but they understood the importance. Today it was all about taking care of the critterz we have either adopted or purchased throughout the last year. The kids are all about playing with the animals but when it comes to taking care of them on a regular basis they were a bit “complainy” at first but have come around to looking forward to their “chores”. You see, they are really getting the concept of  “you have to take care of what you love”.  They love the critters so it is not even a second thought that they need to be taken care of. I am proud to say that I really don’t have a whole lot of responsibilities regarding the animals. The kids take care of most of the chores. It is heartwarming to say the least. We spent the day fencing in another two acres so the four leggers would have some great eating. It was hot and sweaty but after all was said and done we sat for two hours and soaked in the view of eight content (and fat) four legged critters munching away!

I am a proud father….Can you tell?

Monte Tareski