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Once in awhile you stumble upon something so delicious that you just have to share it right? Well that is my way of looking at the world anyway. So….I get this email from one of our fans on our Spokane Grapevine fan page. It reads something like this……”Hey I make truffles and would love to meet with you sometime to show them to you”. Show? Heck, I want to taste um. Let me introduce you to Sweet Addictions. I met with Kari and her son about a week ago. Fresh from a little jaunt to Chuck-E-Cheese (with her son) she was eager to tell me her story. The more I listened the more I fell in “like” with Kari. She is the embodiment of what this country was founded on….True entrepreneurial spirit. Not unlike myself, she was told by her friends and family that she MUST take her wares to market, so to speak.
A few not so pretty batches of “trial” truffles later she was off and running with a business. Doesn’t that just make you feel good reading that? Well it was great hearing her story, let me tell ya. She is a stay-at-home mom that is realizing her dream.

 Now on the the Truffles……..

Sweet Addictions makes Truffles. Little balls of heaven in many different flavors. She even makes Truffles on a stick, Truffles in a jar, Truffles for you car……Ok……I know…..I know….

But really, If you are hosting a party this holiday season, have a store that you could sell these or just want to have a very unique sweet treat around to munch on, then you really need to get a hold of Kari from Sweet Addictions. She runs her business out of her home so the best way to reach her is thru her website.

Let me tell ya……I’m addicted!

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