Stuff The Bus: A Guest Blog Post By Jesse Sheldon

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Spring is a time when most young men’s minds begin to wander and their thoughts turn to things other than school. Some think of baseball, some think of cars, some think of girls, and I was trying to solve a problem. It was the Spring of 2010 and I needed to figure out how to conduct a legitimate campaign to address a critical need in my community. So I summoned up all my 15 years of experience and came up with a solution – I would stuff a bus!

It seemed a perfectly logical choice for a freshman with limited resources to use what I knew best. After all, how hard could it be to stuff a bus with diapers? I could visualize them bulging out the windows as people showed up from all over Spokane with diapers after they heard why I was motivated to tackle such a project. I was partially right, when my interviews ran on local TV stations and in the newspaper describing family’s desperate need for help with diapers, the generous Spokane community did turn out with 15,000 diapers. What I was wrong about was how hard it is to stuff a bus, especially for a young man with big ideas about making his community a better place for kids. This year’s goal is 25,000, a significant increase over last year, and it will not even fill the bus half way.

April 21st through 23rd are the dates of this year’s Stuff The Bus Community Diaper Drive. The bus is located at Central Valley High School every day and also at the Walgreens located at 7905 N. Division on Saturday from 10 to 2pm. So once again spring is around the corner, we hope, and my thoughts have turned again to how to Stuff The Bus with diapers for local families in need. 

Monte Tareski

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