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Okie dokie…….So Kelly tells me this morning that our photo shoot is still on. It’s cold, it’s snizziling and it’s an hour drive to “The Ranch”……grumble, grumble…..grumble. All of that melted away when Angela Parris of Stillpoint Photography showed up right behind us with a warm hug and a Thermos full of hot chocolate. The kids were troopers, I will have to say. They stood, got re-arranged and smiled thru 2 1/2 hours of cold weather photography and all of the credit goes to Angela. She has a wonderful way of making it easy to pose for her lens.
The kids just adored her and were more than happy to brave the cold hands and wet feet. Behind each photo was a, “Colby you look great” or a “Madison that is perfect”….what child wouldn’t love hearing that with each shot?

We tromped around barns, thru the fields, up hills and across a creek in search of the perfect shot. We found many a good shot….Or I should say Angela did. I will have to say that the ranch did provide many backdrops for our photo shoot. The barns and the fences alone were enough for most of the shots that she took, not to mention the windmill and the creek.

About half way thru the shoot Kelly broke out the helium filled balloons and tied them on the dogs. If you want to know what funny is, try tying two balloons on dogs and send them out running in a field. Do you think that phased Angela at all? Not a chance. She loved it and shared later that about 75 of the 300 plus pictures she took were of the dogs….. Now that’s impressive. A photographer that is good with kids and pets….add in the cold and the cow manure she steped in and you have yourself a winning combination with Stillpoint Photography.

 After all was said and done the kids, dogs and adults had a great time. I think it may have been a little too much for Tony though…..Did I mention that it was an hour drive to The Ranch?
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                            Please check back soon. I will add some pictures from Angela’s photo shoot here when they are ready!

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