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Hello Everyone!

Spokane Grapevine is a website dedicated to sharing information about events, people and businesses in Spokane and the surrounding communities. We have strived to spread the word about the many wonderful business stories thru our facebook fan page, our blog and our website. We are trying to support EVERY small business in Spokane and the surrounding area in any way we can.

Spokane Grapevine was approached by MerchantCircle to help create an incredible opportunity for all businesses in the Spokane Area.Our affiliation and hard work with MerchantCircle has allowed  us to pass along this opportunity to any business owner in Spokane who wants it.

This is not an attempt to gain your email address to spam you. This Group affiliation program with Spokane Grapevine and MerchantCircle is completely FREE, and has no strings attached.

It does take a little (easy) work on your part as a business owner though.  It’s up to you to bolster your online presence. I strongly suggest that you take advantage of this opportunity as we helped MerchantCircle develop this Group affiliation program FOR SPOKANE and are ground floor with something very big. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for each member, will be phenomenal.

Here is what is required

  1. Sign up for a profile on Spokane Grapevine
  2. Fill out a group affiliation form. (We will send you the link when you sign up on SG)

And to answer your question……Yes, there are people out there who care about Spokane and that just want to help.

Feel free to email me for detaisl at
[email protected]


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