Spokane Grapevine and MerchantCircle The Beginning

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So how did little ole’ Spokane Grapevine get involved in a multi-national corporation like MerchantCircle
Well Let me tell ya….
It all started back in January of 2008 when I was researching ways to get the word out about our own Spokane landscaping company. I stumbled upon MerchantCircle and little did I know but that would be the beginning of a great relationship. I filled out my business profile and clicked on all the buttons, learned everything I could about how to best represent myself on this great business website. Next I started making friends in the MerchantCircle Forums. I answered questions and interacted with the staff and the “Moderators”. Late in 2009 I was made a Moderator myself….Actually quite a shock, but apparently I had been answering the questions properly. I moderated for awhile and suddenly I was asked to fly to Mountain View CA to give my input to the engineers and staff of the corporation. 
It was around the same time that we purchased Spokane Grapevine. Of course I started a MerchantCircle Page for Spokane Grapevine. Here is where it gets really interesting. I became friends with the staff at MerchantCircle and as I started to grow Spokane Grapevine they (unbeknown to me) were paying attention. As I built a website around Local Business they wanted to help. We worked hand in hand building a pilot program for local communities to connect through MerchantCircle. Check out the affiliate program for Spokane Grapevine and MerchantCircle. This is an amazing program that ties all the members of a community (like S.G.) together under one umbrella. This program is still in it’s infancy and we are still working out the bugs little by little but I feel that it will blossom into a very interactive center for [affiliate] community members to communicate and network. I will go into more detail in my next post on how to get involved in this fledgling program. Till then be sure to click on all the links in this post and explore all that MerchantCircle and Spokane Grapevine have to offer to businesses right here in little ole’ Spokane!

Monte Tareski