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If you knew Tricia Joe you would understand why this picture is so perfect. Thru this wonderful medium of Social Media I have had the opportunity to get to know tons of people. Tricia Jo is one of those people. Let’s just say I adore her (I know that is a thing that girls usually say but WTH) She is packed with energy and loves the town she lives in (in case you were wondering it is Spokane) She writes a blog for Spokane 7 called Fabulocity. I love her writing style and have told her that many times. She is quick and to the point and Tricia does a lot of reviews of restaurants along with many of the events around town…..Hmmmm sound familiar?

Ok…..so here is the deal…..Since I have known Tricia I have been telling her she needs to write a blog post a day. She finally took me up on that challenge. Starting tomorrow (July 13) Tricia promised me that she was going to be writing a blog post for the next 30 days. I have dubbed this as her #30daychallenge (yes that is a twitter hashtag) I will be following her blog every day to see if she follows up on this promise. I would encourage all of you to do the same by following her blog and giving her encouragement along the way. Even though I don’t think she needs much for encouragement, it’s always nice to know someone is noticing…..right?

Please let me know if I miss something will ya? I can be reached at:


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