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I know I don’t normally do a review on a chain store. But here is the deal. I am not reviewing the chain store. I am giving Shannon from the Supercuts on Indian Trail the review. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to treating my kids with the respect of a person. She took the extra time with my daughter to, not just cut her hair, but instruct her on proper care. Bare in mind that my daughter is only 8 years old. That can be a test for any professional, but She took the time.

Speaking of an 8 year old. You see in the picture here, a little boy, also known as my son Colby. She went thru book after book with him picking out just the right hair cut for him.

I just wanted to take the time to thank her publicly for a job well done (although she may never see this). I feel these un-sung heros should be recognized for their outstanding commitment to quality and respect for others.

If you want your kids, or yourself for that matter, to be treated with respect and just want a good haircut for a fair price. Then by all means seek out Shannon at the Supercuts located in the little mini mall right next to Yokes on Indian Trail. You wont regret the drive.


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