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 Ok…so….now you are probably wondering why on earth we would want to review a hardware store. Well lemmie just tell ya….. I have been in this hardware store several times
and have always been impressed by their knowledge and customer satisfaction. We all know where the “big” hardware stores are in town but do you really know where the small, family owned, hardware stores are? I have found in the last couple of years that I would much rather give my dollars to a family owned operation that keeps the money right here in our local economy then sending it off to some corporate office in say Chicago.

With that in mind….Welcome to River Ridge Hardware! Scott (the General Manager for the last 20 years) and I had a fantastic little conversation about the roots of this family owned business in the heart of  Northwest Spokane. They started out “over there” then moved “over here” and built “this and that” (ok it was more in-depth than that, but you get the jist of the conversation). The important part of the conversation that you need to know about though is the “Family” owned part of it. For some of you that are reading this you may remember a time when you could go into a store and they would know you by name. I feel that is what you would find with Scott and his great staff at River Ridge.

 Ok now for the “Guy” part….Yes they have hardware….and lots of it. Wrenches, shovels, bolts, nuts, keys……and on and on……Just like you would find at say the “L” word or say….something with an “H” in it, if you are tracking with me……Here’s the kicker though….They actually know where it is and how much it costs. And heck they will even walk you out to you car and help ya load it. Gotta love it! Old school service and customer respect.

Last but not least….and this is for the “Ladies”….are you ready for this? They have a frame shop at the back of the store with two full time employees just waiting to make you happy. What gives? There is that darned customer service again. Mark seemed ever so eager to pose for a picture for me….(ok that may have been a stretch) but regardless you take him out from in front of a camera and boom he’s makin’ frames for places like Norther Quest Casino. Pritty impressive I thought anyway.

So to wrap this up, if you like customer service, good prices and keeping your money in the Pacific Northwest then take a drive over to…..2803 W. Garland Ave.
Check out the crew at River Ridge Hardware and Keep your dollars working locally.

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