Profile Of A Guest Bogger: Katie Wilcox

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My name is Katie Wilcox. I am a 25 year old business owner and massage therapist. From the start I think I was destined to always be rock star and follow my dreams. Nothing holds me back because I have no fear of failure. My friends describe me as somewhat of a weirdo, but its a good thing. I love to entertain and they eat it up.
In my past time I love to write novels and hope to have one published someday. Writing is a great way to keep the creativity flowing. And I need that creativity to help give me the ideas that get me the most out of life.

Now about my hometown. Spokane is an amazing city, it really is. Especially for people, like me, who LOVE the outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking, fund raiser runs for the MS Society of Spokane, Bloomsday, Hoopfest, Artfest/Elkfest, the Flying Irish… I’ve done it all and it’s all right here in town, I know all the best spots. There is so much to experience I can’t understand why people stay inside on the computer all day long. When the sun is shining I am out on the trails. I work 4 miles away from home and still insist on walking on a nice day so I can admire the character of the South Hill and it’s parks. What better way to stat the day than a stroll through Manito Park sipping on an iced mocha from the Rocket Bakery? 

Oh! And the food here is it’s own story, I would have to blog about all of the hidden treasures I have found over the years. The best places to eat are in the hardest spots to find so you need to know someone that knows their food. If you can only afford to eat out once in a while you need to make it the best experience ever. Spokane is a pretty small town and I know some of our most popular eating spots aren’t that good, really. We get told about the obvious places to eat because no one talks about the “little guys.” Like Lee’s Teriyaki on Hamilton or Ha Ha’s Grill House out on Empire. I will blog about a new place every week that no one has heard about so that we can keep our small businesses running.

More to come from Katie….Stay Tuned.

Monte Tareski