Pre-Order Your Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

Cancer Patient Care Inland Northwest Baby Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

With over 90 merchants on board, The Spokane Grapevine Discount Card is ready to use.

Pick the charity you would like to support!

The Spokane Grapevine Discount Card is on it’s way. You can Pre-Order your Card by clicking on the secure PayPal button below. We currently have two charities on board and we are happy to take your order and pass that along to the charity you choose.

Each Charity only has 100 Cards so it is important to order early.

We have made it so you need to enter your address. Please include your phone and email address so we can notify you when they arrive.

The Cards are set to arrive the week of  December 5th-9th

The name of the charity is also a link to their respective pages so you can make an informed choice.

For now we have the following two choices. We will add others as they come on board.

Cancer Patient Care

Inland NW Baby

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Thank you from Spokane Grapevine, Cancer Patient Care and Inland NW Baby!

Monte Tareski