Pigs Can Be A Pain

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So many of you know that we have raised many different types of animals. From goats to pigs, chickens to donkeys. Each animal has it’s own set of unique do’s and don’ts. For example. Don’t try to get too close to the male donkey when he is eating and NEVER approach him from the rear unless you want a “sweet spot” full of donkey hoof. But pigs are a whole different story. They are a smart and sneaky bunch and yes they do bite if you ever try to take food away from them. On this particular day we decided to look up on YouTube how to keep the little bastards from rooting up the yard all summer long. What we found out wast that you put in hog rings. Now hog rings are rather nasty looking by themselves. Sort of a wire triangle with very sharp ends. You put these rings into a special pair of pliers and whamo through the nose. Easy enough right? Ummmm….not a chance.

You see. Pigs are not only smart and sneaky they (as it happens) are very strong and fast as well. Here I am about 200 pounds and I have to say a rather fit person. I have thrown rocks around for years and well heck….how hard could it be to catch a 40 lb pig. HOLY CRAP….It was all I could do to hold Fiona down for the 3 minutes it took for us to insert the hog rings. As you can see for yourself…It was a major undertaking to put 4 rings in a pigs nose. If you have to do this I highly recommend you sedate the pig with something like say…..a shotgun. Take a look for yourself.



Yours Truly

Monte Tareski

Monte Tareski