Photos of the Great Northwest contest on Spokane Grapevine

Cascading Creations GardenStone monte tareski spokane grapevine

As you may already know…..We ran a contest on the Spokane Grapevine fan page on facebook for the week of January 2nd through the 9th In that time we recieved 44 pictures in total. I wanted to take a minute and post all of those pictures in one place for you all to enjoy. If you would like to copy any of these pictures you will need to get our written permission. Their is an email link at the bottom of this post that you can click to send us an email. Thank you taking a minute to enjoy all of the pictures.

Monte & Kelly Tareski
Spokane Grapevine
GardenStone Creaions
Cascading Creations

Monte Tareski

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