Our Meeting at DeLeon Foods


So…..Colleen says…..”We’re meeting at DeLeon’s”. I text Mark this morning……”We’re meeting at DeLeon’s on Francis right?” I get the reply……”Yeppers”. I’m thinking in my head “so we’re meeting at a Mexican grocery store for my first meeting of SPJ” (more on that later). I pull up to the store, and sure enough we are having a meeting at a Mexican grocery store. At least that is what I thought untill I walked in the front door………

Yes, DeLeon’s is a Mexican grocery store but, it is quite a bit more than that. I was the first to arrive, so I took a look around and got some great pictures of the store. It was about half way thru my picture taking that, the co-owner of the store, came up to me and said (very politely I might add) “Can I help you”…..hmmmm….Maybe I should’ve asked him if that was ok first. I just told him that Mark Peterson told me to do it and, wa-la…all is well.

Let me explain a little bit about the store now. Walking in there was like walking into a small piece of Mexico. The smell of hand made tortillas and fresh produce permeated the very essence of the place. The staff was busy preparing the afternoon fare and everyone seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Add in the fact that this is a family owned establishment and quite honestly, I was in heaven. See…I love Mexican food…….Heaven I tell you…Sheer heaven. The deli had a great seating area and that is where we sat to have our meeting of the Society of Professional Journalists (see, told ya I’d explain it). The same gentleman that I spoke with earlier about the picture taking, was busy catering to our needs and made sure Colleen tried the Corn Bread (which, by the way, was excellent)

The place was clean, friendly and most important (for me anyway) Mexican. If you find youself in need of a very informal place to gather and have a light meal with a meeting, then DeLeon’s will definately fit your bill. If you need a place that you can pop in for a quick and economical authentic Mexican meal then DeLeon’s is the place. If you need some Mexican fare for your own preperations at home then look no further.

They are located at:
102 E. Francis (Deli and Grocery Store)
825 W. Riverside (Deli only)

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