Nine Mile Falls Fire Drone Footage

Drone Footage Monte's Take

Hi All!


I’ve decided to start doing a regular series of posts of some of the great footage I am getting with my drone. I am not one of those drone pilots that will fly my drone into a flock of endangered birds or buzz people just to be funny. I take the responsibility of drone ownership and proper “rule-following” seriously. Quite honestly when I see some of those idiots on TV, I just cringe and yell at the TV. I understand that people are leery of drone technology and quite honestly I don’t want my next door neighbor “Mick” to shoot it down with his menagerie of boom sticks. He is about a cowboy as it gets and I wouldn’t put it past him.

The footage below is of a fire that was in Nine Mile Falls last summer. It was about 20 miles away but you can see in the video the impact that the smoke and fire had on the local horizon.


Enjoy the video.

Yours Truly

Monte Tareski



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