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Law of Attraction Life Coach Vancouver

Law of Attraction Life Coach Vancouver

Law of Attraction Life Coach Vancouver

Robert J Barnes is passionate about helping others through his work as a life coach. Focusing on principles from the Law of Attraction, he guides clients through the steps for creating the life of their dreams. 

In addition to Robert’s focus on Law of Attraction based teachings, he has studied and sifted through a variety of teachings, philosophies, including evidence-based, positive psychology. Robert’s desire is to have your inner work inspire fulfilling outer work, so the journey is the cake and the goal, the icing.  Achieve fulfillment through connecting with a sense of purpose and acting upon it.


Hi, I’m Rob. Welcome to the site. I believe there is a magic to life and I value science. I trust a theologian who acknowledges the beauty of science, and I respect a scientist who believes in the might and mystery of faith. Here we use the power of both science and faith.

We often create our set-backs. Setbacks can be the result of focusing on what is wrong rather than the solution. A big part of coaching the law of attraction is getting the client back into alignment with source energy. The Law of Attraction brings to us the match to our predominant vibration. So, mind your focus. When you get into, and support, alignment you can trust your intuition and reasoning. The mental and emotional clutter will move aside. Inspired actions are the result. Luck, seemingly, occurs more often.

 Utilizing the KISS principle makes it easier to turn these powerful techniques into a habit. The last thing I want is for you to get frustrated.

I realize that many who come to me are not necessarily looking for grand sweeping changes. Cool. Keep in mind the quality of your life can change for the better, sometimes in an instant, once you make an internal shift. Even when we shift for a particular purpose (e.g. losing weight or increasing productivity) a larger change is often triggered. This shift indicates alignment. And, alignment is where energy flows. Once you get enough energetic momentum flowing, you reach a tipping point, and it feels like flipping a switch. You feel like a new person. I help you get that momentum started and teach you how to maintain it.

Would you like a better life? How do you feel about fully accepting this opportunity and connecting to the flow of life-force energy?


“Robert, I want to thank you for giving me such profound and valuable coaching....." 

Christiane Reichwein, Textile Engineer, Business Owner, Limburg, Hessen, Germany


Law of Attraction Life Coach Vancouver

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