My Take On Life: A Branding Story

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I have spent the last week on and off taking my wife to the next level of branding. I don’t mean that I stuck her with a hot iron…….although……

 Naw just kidding.

What I have been working on is coaching her into how to use Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and different tools in her own website to create a single uniform thread of recognition. She has always been great at what she does. Things like being a mom, wife, business owner, photographer and lover of animals to name a few. Promotion has always been my gig. With the help of a couple of hardware tools and a significant amount of time teaching her how to use the above mentioned sites, I have produced a monster. She is genuinely excited about self promotion now that I have dialed in all of the different elements of Social Media into one centralized place or concept. At the risk of sounding condescending, I have taken a non-techie and made Social Media something she could understand and actually use.
I have no doubt that her writing and photography will take her to heights she has only dreamed of.  I will always be be in the background being IT support…..I am keenly aware of that when I hear (on a regular basis)….”Honey……..How do you…..”
Here is some of the things I have set up for her….(and bear in mind it is just the start)

All of this was very fun to do for her and the promotion will just continue to shoot thru the roof…..I do find it kind of difficult however when the Donkeys keep trying to eat the hardware…..

Have a great tomorrow everyone!

Monte Tareski