My Perfect Life: A guest blog post from Trish Avila Comrie

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My Perfect Life
Whoever said that life had to be perfect to be wonderful is missing one hell of a ride!

In my PERFECT life the batteries are missing in all three TV remotes, all four PS3 controllers are taken apart, the alarm goes off at 5 am (on my day off), the newly purchased 6-pack of Skinny Cow ice cream is completely eaten, the hand towels smell like WD-40, the neighbors are calling to complain about Saturday morning wake up calls at 6 am, the extensions cords are cut in half, the flower vases are filled with trash, the fifth set of earphones to my iPod has gone missing, and the carpet is stained with oil.

Shall I continue?

I’m told I’m beautiful, I get serenaded in the morning to the tune “good morning beautiful….how was your night”, I’m loved unconditionally, my face is cupped gently as I feel a soft kiss on my lips, I receive random phone calls from the bathroom just to say “I Love You”, I get my hand held, I get goodbye hugs and kisses in front of the high school followed by “I sure do love you”, and I’m given a hand made card reading ” Happy Mappy Day”, which in a perfect world would read “Happy Mother’s Day”.

I am the proud parent of a child with special needs…….welcome to my perfectly imperfect wonderful life. 🙂

“Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times”

Editor’s note
Trish owns and operates The Corner Cottage < That is a link to their fan page on facebook

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