Mark Peterson on The Spokane Grapevine…..Well It’s a start.

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Mark Peterson

Morning weather on KXLY. Good Morning Northwest.

I asked Mark to write a Guest blog post for Spokane Grapevine’s Blog and this is what I got back. Granted I did ask him to do it yesterday but I do believe he is needing a little input from all of us. So Let’s help him out.

So the topic today is blogs, my goal was to write a blog, but of what? The weather that is forever changing and has me in the cross hairs of everyone from those who love and want snow..WHY IS IT MELTING to those who thought they had moved to the banana belt and ask WHEN WILL THIS COLD WINTER END?  no answer there…how about my kids who already hate the fact that their life has been lived in front of the cameras and on facebook…yes it’s true I have bragged on them and told personal stories that still make me smile so maybe give them a break. I could write of cars that now sit wrapped in tarps awaiting me to work on them and then the Montana jokes begin… I think I’ll stop there and think some more on what would make a good blog post…have a great day.

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