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Well…..We headed out on the town this evening. We had every intention of hittin’ the new North Side Olive Garden. When we got there we found out that they won’t be open for a few days. So, what to do, what to do….. Well duh….We don’t review big national chains, we review small Mom and Pop operations. We have always wanted to try out Mamma Mia’s. Heck it’s even in the name. So it was settled, Mamma Mia’s it was. I’ll be honest, we’re not real good at trying out new places to eat. After our experience tonight we will definitely be singing a different tune the next time this opportunity arises. Jerry and Ginny Amicarella’s fine dining establishment  is now on the list of places that we will compare others to. When I say fine dining, I mean just that. The atmosphere was comfortable and the service was superb. I have been to Europe and more importantly Italy. I felt like I was walking into a restaurant in the middle of Rome. 

 Let me explain that a bit….You see, In Italy, a meal is an event, not just food. From the moment we walked in we were treated as if this meal would be an event. Our server, Karyl was like our Mom. I have to say she made me smile all throughout the meal. Where ever you were in the restaurant you could hear Karyl, or, I should say where ever she was. Whomever passed by our table stopped to see if there was anything else we needed. Even Jerry (the owner) stopped at our table to check on us. NOW that is the way to make it feel like an event. He has had 6 years to get it right and I truly believe he has.

Please excuse the empty plate. I had every intention of taking a “before” picture of my meal but it was so good that I forgot. So as gross as this may seem, it is a true testament to how good the food was…….See, all gone Mom….uhhh I mean Karyl…. I had the baked Rigatoni and Kelly had the Shrimp Scampi and as I am writing this I am still stuffed. This coming from a guy who can eat a whole large stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy’s……wait a minute. Papa Murphy’s….Mamma Mia’s…hmmmm…I might be onto something here, whoops I was digressing for a moment, sorry.

Ok, summary time. Here’s the long and short of it. If you like Italian food. EAT AT MAMMA MIA’S. It is, most definitely, worth the hesitation of trying something new. The sign says “Everyone’s favorite”. It may not be yet, but it most certainly should be. Time to roll myself into bed and try to figure out how were gonna top this one…..

You can find The Amicarella’s at
420 W Francis
Spokane WA
509-467-7761 or their catering at 509-467-7786

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