What Makes You Happy?

Kelly's Take

I am one of those people who struggle with “seasonal depression”.  This time of year, when the days are shorter, the sky is mostly grey and that constant nip in the air all play havoc on my regular happy go lucky self.  I must remind myself that this is temporary and search for the little things each day that make me happy.  Simple things really, things that just make me smile.

(1) My husband

(2) Playful dogs

(3) My roosters crowing in the morning, afternoon and evening

(4) Fluffy warm socks

(5) Getting a text message from my husband, because we are in separate rooms

(6) A great cup of coffee

(7) A well organized desk (keeping my OCD in check)

(8) A song on the radio that I can actually sing

(9) Knowing that a favorite TV show is on in the evening and it is not a re-run

(10) When my husband says, “I’ll cook dinner tonight”

What are some of the simple things that make you smile?

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Kelly Tareski