“Living the Dream” a guest blog by Deena Caruso

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As the snow fly’s, the berms pile, and roofs leak, life continues to go on for small business owners.
Saturday November 27th was the first ever National movement started by American Express to celebrate small business. As of this morning on Facebook

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Encouraging to say the least for a Business Owner who has weathered more than a handful of storms over the last 14 years.

As our beautiful city of Spokane became a winter wonderland over Thanksgiving, promoting what some may call the holiday spirit. Many Small business owners began dealing with the SNOW AFTERMATH. Doing what we do best, finding ways to survive.
Although the snow is lovely, and comforting from you favorite chair at home, for a small business owner it comes with a load of Challenges.

As I Prepared to celebrate my small businesses FINDERS KEEPERS & FINDERS KEEPERS II on Saturday morning I found myself stuck at home under a foot of Snow.  Reviewing the Schedules of my employees on what was to have been a Busy day..

We opened late, closed early, ran on a minimum staff.. Our numbers weren’t great but they weren’t horrible either.  In true “Small Business Fashion”, we found a creative way to get through it. Just like we have for the last 14 years. Together we compromised, sacrificed and did what we could do.

I spent the day doing “social networking”, posting specials on facebook, sending out e-letters with special promotions, the girls at the stores telephoned our regular customers and sold discounted gift certificates by phone and we all worked together to
“Do what we could do”.. because “it is what it is”…  and although I was hoping for more, I think I have a greater appreciation for less.

As we head into December with high hopes for a profitable holiday season, I know with all certainty that I will not be disappointed, because like all small business owners, I know my success or failure is up to me. 

I will continue to “live the dream”, with my leaking roof, 3 foot snow berm down the center of the street , and customers who don’t drive in the snow.. I will  be thankful, for all the days, and what they bring. Because I know with each challenge I overcome the stronger I will be.

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