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I have been asked several times in my busy life as a blogger and a website owner. “Why would you promote another website that is in competition to yours?”. Well here is my reply. LaunchPad INW is not competition. They are complementary. Yes, their are similar things you can do on LaunchPad but fundamentally they are different. We spend a lot of our energy on the social aspect of connecting businesses. In my opinion, Bill and Allen have designed LaunchPad to be more a business oriented way of becoming social. We are more of an on-line resource for community events. LaunchPad has a physical location with seminars, meetings and events. See the difference?

Once again I am interested in the people behind the counter so to speak. Bill is just a great guy! Sitting with him one afternoon over a cup-o-joe we were quick to find some common ground. Heck we even played flag football against each other back in “the day”. The passion Bill and Allen have put into their work with the community is readily apparent when you just listen to them. Better yet, observe them at one of their networking events and just watch as people interact with these two great men.

Another thing they have accomplished in the very short time since their inception is to have a great facility in which to gather as a community. They have been putting the finishing touches on their brand new place downtown where they share space with another Spokane legend, Josh Wade of Drink Nectar fame. (That will be a whole different post). They have put a lot of resources into creating a place for Spokane business owners and members to gather, share ideas and hold events for their own businesses. Granted, I’m not a big “downtown” guy (just because of the whole parking issue) but they have made it easy by having great access to local parking garages and off street as well.

Ok…I’ll be honest. I wrote the first three of these paragraphs this morning, knowing full well that I was going downtown to meet with Bill about Social Media. Now that I have returned from said meeting I will have to tell you that their new location is (for the lack of a better term)……AWESOME. They have a street level meeting area that adjoins Drink Nectar’s tasting room, which will be decked out with all the latest high tech features from Wi-Fi to a giant TV for presentations. The “Basement” however is probably my favorite part. Bill told me of all the things they have planned for that “Member” only venue. From Pool tables and X-Box to a kitchen and a bar, this basement will be a bastion of tranquillity in the sea of our hectic business lives. I won’t go into membership details in this blog as they haven’t officially released the details yet. Just suffice to say that being a “Member” of LaunchPad will definitely have it’s advantages.

You can check out the details of their grand opening by clicking here

LaunchPad INW also has a facebook fan page!

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