KXLY Seminar Series Follow-up

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Today’s seminar for the Good Morning Northwest staff was about right click. 
It quickly transformed into a mini-seminar on how to use the @ sign within the facebook platform.
If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, try this. 
When you go to do a status update in facebook and you would like to mention one of your friends in the update, type the @ symbol and start typing their name. In a second or two their profile will show up below the post and you just click on their name. 
Waa-Laa…..You have just tagged one of your friends in a status update.

As a veteran of facebook this was kind of a small detail that I have overlooked during our past workshops. However I soon realized that it was a detail I had definitely overlooked in haste. Nadine Woodward was the first to embrace the new found skill and promptly right click and copied a link and then posted the link on her profile and tagged Erik Loney and Good Morning Northwest.
Even though this was a skill I had taken for granted it was apparent that it was something that Nadine was going to use on a regular basis. What started out as a rather hum-drum workshop on the value of “right click” turned into an hour long saunter thru facebook. 
I had a ball with Nadine, Colleen, Mike and Mark this morning. It is very gratifying sharing the things I have learned with this fantastic group of reporters. I hope they are getting as much out of it as I am.

Monte Tareski