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For all of you that say they don’t have time to do a blog post….

Here is a List of what I did today and was still able to do a blog post.
  1. Got the kids up
  2. Made them Breakfast
  3. Saw my wife off to work
  4. Got my Daughter ready for her recital
  5. Got my Son ready for his arena football game
  6. Drove my son to meet his ride to the football game
  7. Drove back to the house to feed and water the critters
  8. Went to my daughter’s recital
  9. Drove to Barker Rd. for the 2nd half of my son’s arena football game at the Shock Center
  10. Located some lambs to purchase
  11. Met with the owner of said sheep and made the purchase of said lambs for my son.
  12. Took all of the kids to Subway for lunch
  13. Went to Home Depot and got some 5/8 OSB
  14. Went to Teen Challenge and bought a king size bed for our tent…more on that later
  15. Went to Albertsons and bought some items for tonight’s Bar-B-Q
  16. While at Albertsons filled two big boxes of throw away produce for the critters
  17. Made it home and put away the groceries
  18. Fed said produce (with the help of the kids) to the critters
  19. Set up the King Size bed in the tent…more on that later
  20. Cut previously purchased OSB for a Washer and Dryer base
  21. Moved furniture into the tent.
  22. Helped the kids set up their tents.
  23. Made Hamburgers for dinner
  24. As the burgers are cooking on the grill I am typing this last line.

So for those of you who say “I just can’t seem to find time to blog” I say………”Make time”


Monte Tareski

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